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For the Back of House contract, I performed social media manager and community manager tasks. Below, are a few examples of the copy I wrote for social media. The graphics were done by a graphics department.

Duties performed for these positions were as follows:

Create engagement through acts of communication and community on all social media channels.
Assist in Google Slide preparation for monthly internal roundtables.
Create social media calendar (Asana) and load into CMS (Hubspot).
Create engaging captions and copy for materials in community management, social media management (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin), and interpersonal emails between clients and staff.
Ensure copy adheres to brand's style and tone of voice.
Proven ability to increase social media followers and engagement (i.e. increased follower counts on all social media channels by 3X in 6 months).
Create and establish relationships with external vendors to solicit information for their profiles.
Create and maintain vendor profiles on site using Contentful.

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