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Welcome to theTUNDRA. 

I've done many contracts with theTUNDRA. While I don't have everything available to showcase, I have done the following:

I provided 15-20 narrative pieces a day (2-month contract) from varying pseudonyms all on a variety of topics ranging from baseball to hiking to boats to wine. This was for a previous iteration of the site called Pashpost. This contract involved heavy creativity and researching skills.

I provided 20 plus comments and replies in various pseudonyms engaging each other for over 60 videos on their platform.

I curated their Twitter feed with trending stories using various hobbyist websites and Google Trends with 4 stories per hour for 4 hours a day.

I utilized Hootsuite to schedule content for Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.

I created eye-catching content and copy for all social media channels for a 2-month contract.

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