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I am currently full-time with WebPunch as a content writer and copywriter. My various duties are as follows:

Write copy for responses to positive and negative reviews in multiple franchises' brand voice and style, utilizing appropriate phrases, taglines, and vernacular for each brand.

Extensive use of Salesforce to track and view communications, utilize records for franchisees, etc.

Heavy edits to documents for WebPunch's Listings team, including creating Q&As for Google listings for franchise brands, intra-network documents and emails, and brand and product descriptions for Google.

Create and execute B2B articles for WebPunch's blog (approx. 1500 words per article).

Create and execute short-form blogs called In Your Corner that are brand-specific (approx. 500 words per blog).

Community management for WebPunch socials (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn).

Create copy for social posts (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn).

Create ideas and calendar for WebPunch socials.

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Click the images to go to each blog!

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Some copy from social channels

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